Along our professional experience we’ve witness countless kitchens in different conditions, as we try to suit each homeowner with a solution that answers their wishes. We’ve found that many times the kitchen is fine – the cabinets look good, the flooring is great and only the counters are coming apart. Sometimes it is broken, sometimes it is stained and sometimes it is made of a cheap material. And so, we’ve came up with a counters remodeling plan, which includes replacing the counters with natural stone counters, adding beautiful backsplashes, and in some cases replacing the sink and faucets. A plan that can be executed in one day. So, how is it done? Answers ahead.

A Free Estimate

It all starts with a free estimate meeting in the customer’s home. In that meeting, one of our professionals measures the kitchen’s counters and listen to the wishes of the customer; which material they want us to work with, what color and design style they wish it to be, and the additional elements they wish to replace. Then, the professional recommend the stone to suit the customer’s wishes and present them with samples, or accompany them to the slabs store to choose their specific natural stone slab. The customers receive a price quote for their kitchen remodeling project as well.

Schedule the Remodeling Date

Once the customer approves the offer and express their desire to go through with the project, we schedule a date to get it done. The date is set according to our availability and to the customer’s convenience. On that date, our team arrives and takes action and completes the project to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Project Execution

The project is done in two stages. Demolition and installation. The demolition part includes removing the kitchen’s old counters, sink and faucets. Then, the team starts preparing the kitchen for the installation. A wooden board is cut to fit underneath the new stone counters prior to its installation. The wood goes on top of the bare cabinets and then the granite counters perfectly “sits” on top of the wood. The wood allows the counters to be more durable and strong, and so to last for years to come. The installation includes gluing the granite (or any other natural stone you choose for your new counters) to the wood, putting the counter’s pieces together and ensuring the seams are as thin as possible, by using colored glue, placing the backsplashes and also here creating thin seams in between the backsplashes and the counters. After placing all the parts including the sink and faucets, the team cleans up the kitchen and leaves the customer with a clean and beautiful new kitchen.