The backyard is the most enjoyable part of the house for the entire family. It is your own private piece of nature under the sun, the place where you feel freedom and your kids can play for hours. That is why we strongly recommend every homeowner to design their backyard to suit their family. There’s a lot of things you can choose to combine in your new backyard’s design. Here’s 10 great ideas for the backyard design.


Whether natural or artificial, green grass will bring your backyard to life. There’s something about that green grass that makes you feel as though you were at your own private park. We recommend to go with the natural grass, if only for its fresh smell, but in the heat of our beloved Las Vegas it will probably be easier to choose artificial grass.


Allow your kids hours of enjoyment with play house in their own backyard! Just imagine your kids’ happiness playing their own playhouse – where they can also invite their friends to play with them!

Lounge Area

You can enjoy your backyard if it doesn’t have a lounge area where you can sit back and enjoy the sound of the birds. And so, it is recommended to include a lounge area and make it shaded so you’ll be able to enjoy it during summers’ hot days.

Barbeque Bar

There’s nothing like barbequing at your own backyard. Having friends over, enjoying the evening air and the smell of tasty meats on the grill. You can perfect that experience by building a beautiful BBQ bar in your backyard.

Herbs/Vegetable Garden

How satisfying it is to grow your own herbs and vegetables? If you think it will be hard – start with herbs, as it is very easy to grow. After you’ll master that, you can try growing vegetables too!

Swimming Pool

If you truly like to upgrade your backyard you should consider having a swimming pool in it. It is not only about swimming and playing but it will also allow you to cool yourself during summer.

Running Water

Can you imagine the sound of running water in your backyard? The relaxing sound of nature itself in your own piece of heaven. Include waterfalls or beautiful garden water fountains in your backyard’s design and you’ll be able to enjoy that magical sound.

Fruit Trees

It will provide you with shade and its fruit – do you really need more reasons to include fruit trees in your backyard’s design?

Backyard Pathway

If you plan to include green grass, vegetable garden and water fountain in your new backyard’s design, consider to complete it with beautiful pathways that will also allow you to easily walk around your beautiful backyard.

Backyard’s Flooring

Not all homeowners like nature, grass, and sand. And that’s ok. In those cases we recommend to consider flooring the entire backyard. it can be very convenient, it is easier to walk on it and it is easier to clean it.

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